Deisis Welcome to the Byzantine Studio of Nicusor Dumitru. Enter in the world of the beautiful tradition of Iconography. Here you will enjoy the exquisite icons of this master artist, created in the Byzantine and Romanian styles.
The icons are made following centuries old traditions, from the first icon of Virgin Mary written by Saint Luke the Evangelist and the paintings of the Greek, Romanian and Russian monasteries.
The icons are not simple art works, they are images and symbols of divinity, and as such they are not depicted in realistic details but are rather stylized.
They are filled with theological symbolism. In the past, when not to many could read, they were important “ books of teaching”. Everything from the colors to the position of the figures has a meaning in the icons. They are not two dimensional, but three dimensional, but not in the sense that comes first in mind. The third dimension is the time. The icons tell stories. They depict in the same image more that meets the eye. To see that you just have to learn how to “read” them.
All our Icons are original hand painted art, on traditionally treaded wood panels, using the best pigments available, and varnished to withstand the ages. Their beauty is increased by using 23 karats gold leaf in their creation.

You can commission specific icons or just order prints with: Scenes of our Savior's life, Scenes from our Savior's teachings, Scenes from the Holy Bible, Icons of Virgin Mary and Child, of Saints, Angels and Prophets.

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